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August 21, 2023

New AvistaClean Microfiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) Specialty Cleaners

For far too long, the membrane treatment industry has had to rely on single-component commodity chemicals such as citric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and caustic for the treatment of MF/UF hollow-fiber systems. Although commodity cleaners work well, residual foulant which often remains after these cleans can compound and create issues over time. We decided the membrane treatment market needed more options that prevent and combat the common issues not fully resolved using these single-component cleaners, so we created AvistaClean 

AvistaClean is our newest product line of specialty cleaners for MF/UF hollow-fiber systems. These cleaners perform faster and more effectively than single-component MF/UF chemicals, providing enhanced cleaning performance. The new line includes low-foaming, multicomponent cleaners that contain surfactants, buffers, chelants and builders. It offers both liquid and powder forms available in low and high pH ranges for ease of use in various applications. These specialty cleaners are buffered to achieve and maintain target pH, providing optimum, fast-acting cleans. 

Typically, we see two main issues caused by the constant use of commodity membrane cleaners. First, they fail to recover the desired transmembrane pressures (TMPs), which can lead to an increase in cleaning frequency. Second, over time, the membrane foulant becomes less and less responsive to single-component chemical cleans, causing membrane performance to decline rapidly after only a few years; this often leads to premature membrane replacement. Membrane plants currently using commodity cleaners as a cost-effective solution may suffer from hidden costs such as increases in membrane replacement, system downtime, or repeated chemical use to recover performance to baseline levels. For those using commodity chemicals, the AvistaClean product line is a great option for recovery cleans once a month.  

For optimal membrane treatment, we also recommend combining recovery cleans with an Avista ™ Membrane Autopsy. An MF/UF autopsy is a powerful troubleshooting service available to improve membrane performance through comprehensive foulant analysis and optimized cleaning studies. Avista’s Chromatic Elemental Imaging℠ (CEI℠) technology can be used to identify foulant on the exterior of hollow fibers, the interior, and the fiber walls. The autopsy process also includes the construction of minimodules using potted fibers harvested directly from the module. This allows greater accuracy in determining fiber performance, optimal cleaning procedures, and proper chemical recommendations. An initial membrane autopsy can help determine the right AvistaClean product(s) necessary to achieve maximum foulant removal and performance recovery, thereby extending membrane life and preventing expensive long-term costs.   

The AvistaClean product line is currently available in North America including AvistaClean P0327 a powder low pH cleaner that can remove iron and manganese faster than citric and hydrochloric acid. If a liquid cleaner is preferred the AvistaClean product line also has a liquid version of AvistaClean P0327, named AvistaClean L0381, for rapidly removing metals but with ease of use for sites that cannot use powders. Our AvistaClean L1181 is a high-pH liquid cleaner for calcium complexes and calcium sulfate that has been very successful in removing foulant from hollow fiber being used in mining and municipal wastewater. For those hard-to-remove organics and particles, our powder high pH cleaner, AvistaClean P1219, has been known to restore flow when other cleaners could not. For humic/fulvic acids and particles, our liquid high pH cleaner, AvistaClean L1221 has dispersants to lift particles and organics off the fibers and keep them in solution. For chlorine-tolerant membranes with difficulty removing organics with chlorine and caustic alone our high pH powder cleaner, AvistaClean P1200 combines both the cleaning power of buffers, surfactants, chelant with a chlorine additive.   

Avista’s goal is to create products that align with our vision of building a water-resilient world. As the world faces water-related issues, we will continue to create environmentally sustainable solutions that make our customers’ operations more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. It all starts with understanding our customers’ and society’s shared issues and goals around water savings, energy savings, and waste reduction creating value between businesses and communities. The AvistaClean product line creates shared value for our customers and the environment by reducing cleaning frequency and water use, extending membrane life, and reducing membrane replacement waste.  

Alisson Shoffner Senior Marketing Specialist

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