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A thorough and up-to-date water analysis is a critical aspect in selecting a targeted and properly dosed antiscalant product for reverse osmosis (RO) or nanofiltration (NF) systems of any size and water quality. Selective ions must be tested in the feedwater in order to predict the scale and/or fouling potential in the system. The specific ions tested are then entered into the Avista AdvisorCi projection software where recovery rates, antiscalant selection, dose rates, and potential scales and/or foulants are determined.

Analysis Requirements

The following components should be measured in feedwater to ensure that a full assessment of the scaling potential can be made. The following table provides details of the minimum acceptable levels of measurement. If the requested measurement accuracy cannot be provided, the level of antiscalant dosage projected may be higher than required.

Depending on the source of the feedwater and the final use of the product water selected, other parameters may be requested – for example, heavy metals or boron.

Parameters may be provided as mg/l CaCO3 or other units if desired. Carbonate/bicarbonate may also be provided as Mo and P alkalinity instead.

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