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AvistaClean L1221

AvistaClean™ L1221 is a high pH, liquid cleaner free of EDTA and phosphate and formulated to remove humic and fulvic acids, aluminum silicate clay, colloidal material, mild silica scaling, and bioslimefrom microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) surfaces and pores. AvistaClean L1221 has been successfully used on municipal water, well water, and surface water. AvistaClean L1221 is NSF certified.

Performance Benefits

  • Effective in removing humic and fulvic acids.
  • Disperses colloidal particles, aluminum silicate clays, colloidal silica and silt from MF/UF surfaces and pores.
  • Highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process.
  • NSF certified for off-line use in systems producing drinking water.


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Product Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

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