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Avista | AdvisorCi Chemical Dosing

Avista™ Advisor™Ci is a proprietary chemical dosing software with complex ion technology to maximize system recovery for even the most challenging applications.

Predict Scale Forming Compounds

Avista AdvisorCi calculates the saturation potential of a feedwater based on the free concentration of ions, overcoming a critical weakness in contemporary indices that consider the total analytical value, which typically includes ions that are bonded.

This propriety chemical dosing software considers more variables that affect antiscalant dosage calculations, including precise solubility products (ksp), updated temperature correction factors, improved individual ion product calculations, and dosing curves that fully consider rate of reaction.

Avista AdvisorCi predicts precise dosing and use rates for Avista membrane system chemicals with high confidence.

  • Precise dosing projections for the most complex waters and high recovery applications.
  • All calculations are based on published research and on scientifically proven, industry accepted calculations.
  • Simply input raw water quality data and let Avista AdvisorCi run the complex calculations to achieve optimized system performance.


  • Robust calculation engine – A proprietary combination of advanced calculations and scientifically validated saturation calculations accurately predicts the activity of all common scale forming compounds for membrane applications.
  • Metal dosing factor – Analyzes and adjusts for potential precipitation of metals based on their state of oxidation.
  • Rate of reaction – Adjusts antiscalant dose according to the feedstream analysis and determines rate of precipitation.
  • High recovery applications – Applies precise calculations derived from on-site research of water with high ionic strength to reduce the saturation potential of sparingly soluble salts.
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