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Avista | AdvisorCi Online Chemical Dosing Software

Avista™ Advisor™Ci is a proprietary chemical dosing software with complex ion technology to maximize system recovery for even the most challenging applications.

Scale Prediction Without Limitations 

Avista AdvisorCi Online predicts precise dosing and use rates for Avista membrane chemicals. The software calculates the saturation potential of a feedwater based on the free concentration of ions, overcoming a critical weakness in contemporary indices that consider the total analytical value, which typically includes ions that are bonded. 

Avista AdvisorCi Online: Unique Advantages

  • 3D Multivariable Model
    Runs many complex calculations at once to analyze multiple recoveries, temperatures, and pH simultaneously.
  • Recovery RO Mode
    Simulates a primary and recovery RO system on the same screen, with the ability to adjust recovery, product, and pH separately for each stage. 
  • Multistream Mixing
    Combines up to 12 feed streams into one to run through the main RO module. 
  • Advanced Calculation Engine
    Accurately predicts the activity of all common scale-forming compounds.
  • High-Recovery Application
    Applies precise calculations to reduce the saturation potential of sparingly soluble salts. 
  • Cleaner Module
    Recommends the appropriate product based on system foulants and calculates the amount of chemicals needed based on actual system cleaning procedures.  (Training is required to use this module.)

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