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Technical Support

Avista technical personnel are available by phone to answer questions or provide site-specific recommendations to system operators on a variety of technical issues including chemical selection and application, system troubleshooting, and cleaning techniques. This assistance helps operators minimize system downtime and ensures optimal plant productivity.

Providing our technical advisors with the system information listed below will allow us to select the most suitable suite of our products to meet all the requirements for your membrane installation. This will help us take into account factors including the technical challenges presented by your feedwater, the logistical and seasonal challenges provided by your location, local effluent discharge regulations, and any other customer requirements.

The technical recommendations will be based on the Avista AdvisorCi software calculations. The product selection will be narrowed down using product availability/approval knowledge and will reference experience on similar installations globally.

To help us provide the best solution, we will ask you to provide the following:

  • Full water analysis
  • Feedwater source and effluent disposal routes
  • Planned/existing pretreatment system description
  • Required/desired system recovery to be achieved
  • Feedwater temperature range and feedwater variations over the calendar year
  • Effluent discharge restrictions
  • Required membrane and corporate end user approvals

How Can We Help?

Call one of our corporate offices or submit the following form for a prompt response to your technical support request.