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Navigating the Complexities of Silica in RO Systems
Silica scale is one of the most difficult scales to control, prevent, and remove from a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system. Once on a membrane, it is very difficult to remove and requires specialized cleaners. It is important to understand the different types of silica found in water and how silica scale forms to prevent scaling events.
Cleaning, Foulant Identification, Troubleshooting
New AvistaClean Microfiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) Specialty Cleaners
AvistaClean is our newest product line of specialty cleaners for MF/UF hollow-fiber systems. These cleaners perform faster and more effectively than single-component MF/UF chemicals, providing enhanced cleaning performance.
Cleaning, Foulant Identification, Troubleshooting, Water Savings
Committed to Environmentally Sustainable Solutions for A Better Tomorrow
IMPACT TOGETHER: The Colorado River Basin Project is a sustainability initiative we are participating in for a second year through our parent company Kurita Water Industries and the Water Resilience Coalition. This initiative aligns with our goal to help increase water resilience and help our customers deliver a positive water impact on their sustainability targets. 
Water Savings
Case Studies
Prevention of Ultrafiltration Membrane Replacement Through Targeted Cleaning Procedure
Understand how specialty cleaners for ultrafiltration (UF) systems can preserve membrane life, eliminating the need for constant membrane replacement.
Cleaning, Troubleshooting, Municipal Drinking Water
Avista AdvisorCi Online New Features; Including a Multivariable Model
Explore new features including a Multivariable Model, Recovery RO, Multistream Mixing, Cleaner Module, and File Share.
Avista™ Membrane Chemicals, Chemical Dosing, Cleaning, Troubleshooting, Water Savings, Agriculture, Automotive, Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Metals & Mining, Microelectronics, Municipal Drinking Water, Oil & Gas, Power Generation
Nanofiltration (NF) Membranes: Everything You Should Know
Discover the multiple advantages of using nanofiltration membranes (NF) and how they make separation processes more efficient. Find out how NF can be used as a softening step to further increase RO recoveries and why this technology is becoming increasingly popular in the membrane separations industry.
Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Oil & Gas
Why Data Normalization Matters
Normalization will streamline your troubleshooting process as it facilitates: error detection, identifying the root of the issue, and initiating appropriate corrective actions to mediate the problem before it gets more expensive.
Cleaning, Troubleshooting
Microfiltration In the Pure Water and Industrial Water Sectors
MF plays an important role both in the water treatment process and industrial separation processes and will grow even more important as better reuse and system efficiencies are sought.
Is Your Membrane System Reaching Full Potential?
Energy markets worldwide face extreme volatility driven by geopolitical tensions and a rebound in energy demand after the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, leading to extreme price increases for gas, oil, and electricity. It is has become imperative to conserve resources and optimize our consumption.
Avista™ Membrane Chemicals
Technical Guides
Normalization Technical Guide
Normalization refers to calculations that adjust recorded performance values to a common reference by accounting for variations in feed water temperature, feed water TDS, feed and permeate flowrates and the system pressures.
Avista™ Membrane Chemicals
Technical Guides
Record Keeping Technical Guide
Record keeping is important for membrane system operators, allowing the scheduling of cleaning events, aiding in proper analysis when troubleshooting and ensuring that system maintenance is carried out at timely intervals.
Avista™ Membrane Chemicals
Case Studies
Removing Silica Scale
A raw water analysis was taken and found to have high levels of silica present that had not been considered when designing the plant.
Avista™ Membrane Chemicals, Chemical Dosing, Cleaning