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Avista Cell Test Cleaning studies are an integral part of the Avista Membrane Autopsy and a useful tool in validating the effectiveness of a cleaning regime against a site-specific foulant.

While Autopsies identify foulants and recommend solutions to minimize future fouling, cleaning studies identify the best cleaner(s) and procedure to address fouling on the membranes or MF/UF already affected. This approach can also provide an opportunity for us to custom blend and test chemistries specifically for your application or site-specific foulant.

Avista Cell Test Cleaning Study Process
Samples of a dissected membrane or casing are placed on a clear cell tester and baseline flow and rejection performance are established under crossflow conditions. A cleaning solution is then recirculated through the tester at optimum temperature. Upon completion, post-clean data is recorded to determine the effectiveness of that particular chemistry. If necessary, this process continues until we’ve identified the cleaner that provides the best result.

If a second, intact membrane element has also been provided, then the cleaning regimen identified in the laboratory study is tested on our full scale OSCAR cleaning skid or full module. Pre-test and post-test data validates the effectiveness of the chemistry and procedures.

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