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The best way to ensure successful operation of a membrane system is to implement a data normalization program.

NormRO is a web-based system offered to Avista customers for normalization of their membrane system operating data. Authorized users can log in anywhere in the world and securely access data for their specific plant(s). These trends will allow plant cleaning and optimization work to be scheduled, and problems can be detected by monitoring the trends in the three key indicators of membrane performance: flux, rejection, and pressure drop.

The purpose of normalization is to reduce the daily operating data to a standard set of conditions, thereby allowing detection of trends in operating performance in the membrane system.

Impact Case Study

Predict plant cleaning schedules and optimization work using NormRo to normalize trends in flux, rejection, and pressure drop.


The first-in-place (CIP) procedure with generic cleaners restored only ~10% of the lost flow. Performance did not stabilize.

A second clean was performed with generic cleaners when the flow dropped by 15%. Normalized permeate flow decreased by ~30% after the second clean.


A third CIP procedure was initiated, with Avista cleaners bringing the flow back to baseline and sustaining the performance for 171 days.

Once stabilized, Vitec 4000 was applied to further stabilize performance.


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NormRO Data Normalization Case Study
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