Avista™ Technologies, Inc. Leadership Team
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Avista™ Technologies, Inc. Leadership Team

Avista is led by professionals who have dedicated their careers to the water treatment industry. Our brand is backed by extensive knowledge brought to you by Avista scientists, engineers, and a dedicated support team committed to finding smart membrane treatment solutions to optimize membrane system performance. Their combined experience covers every aspect of membrane technology and pretreatment, including system design, operation and maintenance, membrane manufacturing, and chemical formulation.

Toshinori Maema
CEO and President
Greg Leiser
Executive Vice President, Finance and CFO
Melissa Kaysen
Vice President, Business Planning and Strategy
Doug Eisberg
Global Business Development
Sara Pietsch
Vice President, Avista Center of Excellence Research and Development
Fiona Finlayson
Director, Avista Center of Excellence Product Management
Raul Gonzalez
Director, International Applications and Sales
Ken Robinson
Director, North America Applications and Sales
Talia Panza
Director, Marketing Communications
Anne-Katherine Pingree
Director, Human Resources
Villeta Reeves
Consultant, Avista Center of Excellence Learning and Development
Ray Eaton
Technical Support Advisor