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June 22, 2023

Avista AdvisorCi Online New Features; Including a Multivariable Model

Avista™ Advisor™Ci Online is our proprietary chemical dosing software with complex ion technology that predicts and recommends precise dosing requirements for Avista membrane chemicals. On August 1st, 2023, new features will be available, advancing its technical capabilities and empowering users with greater flexibility and more information. These features include a Multivariable Model allowing users to run many complex calculations at once, Recovery RO to model high recovery systems, Multistream Mixing for projections, a Cleaner Module for proper cleaner selection, and File Share for easily sharing reports between users.

The Multivariable Model 

Typically, chemical dosing software does not have the capability to correctly calculate variable recovery technology. The new Multivariable Model is a multicolored 3D graph that provides users with greater analytical, projection, and dosing capabilities through AI and machine learning. The new feature can run many complex calculations at once, analyzing multiple recoveries, temperatures, and pH simultaneously for a full saturation analysis of various system parameters. This advancement eliminates the limitations of looking only one set of data at a time, putting scale prediction control in the users’ hands for optimal membrane treatment.  

Additional New Features

Recovery RO has developed to model high recovery systems. This feature allows users to run a primary and recovery RO system on the same screen to facilitate the user’s experience when analyzing multiple types of RO systems.  Users can now adjust recovery, product, and pH separately for each stage.  

Multistream Mixing gives users the ability to mix up to 12 different feed streams into one, which can then be applied to the main RO module. This feature will provide a more customizable approach by allowing the user to analyze precise feed streams, eliminating the guess work for more accurate dosing.  

The Cleaner Module recommends appropriate cleaners based on system foulants and calculates the amount of chemicals needed based on actual system cleaning procedures. It is required that users attend special training to gain access to this module. Register here to attend our Cleaner Module online training course.   

The File Share function allows users to share reports within the application to others within the same company and Avista technical experts. This will facilitate sharing information, simplifying the process more as well as making the experience more user friendly.  

To ensure you are getting the most value out of the software’s features and tools we are offering three complimentary training courses.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn new skills, explore new features, and ask the developer questions directly during the Q&A.  

Register for Avista AdvisorCi Online training courses here.  

Alisson Shoffner Senior Marketing Specialist