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New Online Courses
Whether you're new to the program or an experienced user, Avista™ AdvisorCi™ Online courses will help maximize your experience. Learn about key features and tools.
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3 Courses to Choose From

Avista AdvisorCi users are recommended to attend at least one course to refresh their knowledge and all three to be proficient in the new software enhancements. Each course offers attendees the opportunity to engage in Q&A with the Avista AdvisorCi software team. To register,  click the training course you wish to attend below.
AVISTA Advisor™Ci Beginner
Get acquainted with the software
Discover what complex ions are and how they can more accurately predict scaling potential
Learn how to run a basic RO projection
Review basic functions like printing, saving, selecting the membrane manufacturer and feedwater analysis
Learn about antiscalant selection and its capabilities
AVISTA Advisor™Ci Advanced
Explore how to use the new 3D Multivariable Model to run many complex calculations at once, analyzing multiple recoveries, temperatures, and pH simultaneously
Discover the new Avista AdvisorCi File Share function to easily share projections within Avista AdvisorCi
Learn how to import files such as membrane projection and Advisor PDFs
Learn how to use Recovery RO to model high recovery systems
Understand how to use Multistream Mixing for projections
AVISTA Advisor™Ci Cleaner Module Training
Discover the 4 factors for effective cleaning
Understand how to select the proper cleaning configuration
Learn the basics for choosing the right cleaners for your foulants
Gain access to the cleaner module by completing this training
Please register with the email used to access AdvisorCi Online in order to get quick access to the cleaner module
Additional training course times and dates coming soon.
Meet Your Host
Matt James, PMP
Research and Development Project Supervisor
After graduating from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with a degree in Chemistry, Matt worked in R&D for solar panels. He started working at Avista Technologies in October 2012. Over the years, he has worked on the development of new antiscalants with a focus on Avista AdvisorCi Software.

He evolved the software into a more complex ion calculation engine, which transitioned Advisor3 to Avista AdvisorCi in 2015. Finally, Avista AdvisorCi Online was launched in 2021, which moved the powerful calculation engine capabilities online.

Confidence in predictions and recommendations. Precise dosing and use rates for Avista membrane chemicals.

3D Multivariable Model
Runs many complex calculations at once to analyze multiple recoveries, temperatures, and pH simultaneously.
Recovery RO Mode
Simulates a primary and recovery RO system on the same screen, with the ability to adjust recovery, product, and pH separately for each stage.
Multistream Mixing
Combines up to 12 feed streams into one to run through the main RO module.
Advanced Calculation Engine
Accurately predicts the activity of all common scale-forming compounds.
High-Recovery Application
Applies precise calculations to reduce the saturation potential of sparingly soluble salts.
Cleaner Module*
Recommends the appropriate product based on system foulants and calculates the amount of chemicals needed based on actual system cleaning procedures.
*Cleaner module training is required to use this functionality.