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August 29, 2022

Avista Center of Excellence Successfully Hosts First Technical Champion Program

From July 18th – 29th, the Avista ™ Center of Excellence hosted its first Technical Champion Program (TCP) in Carlsbad, CA, USA. The program consisted of a 10-day intensive training including group presentations and discussions, hands-on workshops, and team projects. This initiative provided a great learning opportunity for champions to collaborate with their peers on best practices for developing comprehensive troubleshooting plans to optimize customers’ membrane systems.

“Being part of a global community has its challenges, especially when it comes to the exchange of knowledge in different languages. The TCP was a great way for the global Kurita companies to unite and share their experiences in the different regions. This exchange of information not only inspired new product developments but also reinforced that we are a community that can depend on one another for current and future solutions. I was truly inspired by the level of engagement,” said Sara Pietsch, Avista VP of Research and Development.

OSCAR Training

The TCP provided a chance for membrane treatment solution champions from across the Kurita companies to meet face-to-face, some for the first time. The collaboration allowed attendees to learn the Avista Approach as well as bring their perspectives on topics related to their region. The personal connections established laid a strong foundation to build upon in developing long-term partnerships, leading to discoveries and innovative solutions in membrane treatment. As the group joined forces in the training sessions and at after-hour events, the energy was magnetic.

“The TCP was an incredible multicultural experience with a lot of technical knowledge, dynamics, and exchange of experiences. I got recognition for all the work I’ve done in the last two years, and I finally met the entire team I have been working with remotely. I want to express my gratitude to Kurita Group, and everyone involved in the training for this opportunity. I’m sure that the upcoming years will be full of exciting challenges and opportunities for a lot of professional and personal growth,” said Rodrigo Alvim Hudson Cadinha, Avista Technical Champion and Technical Consultant at Kurita Brazil.

TCP Participants Presenting

The first annual TCP set the precedent for a triumphant future where collaboration and innovation in membrane treatment solutions are fundamental to the growth of the Kurita businesses. In our industry, passing knowledge through word-of-mouth is critical to every individual’s learning experience. Many topics such as reverse osmosis are not taught in many colleges and schoolbooks. Therefore, it’s critical that we educate on the techniques and “The Avista Approach” to our Technical Champions so that they can return home and share this knowledge with their colleagues.

Congratulations to the Avista TCP class of 2022!