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Introducing A Powerful New Slime Control Agent – RoCide MD100

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San Marcos, CA – September 1, 2023 — Avista Technologies, a globally recognized and trusted supplier of membrane treatment solutions for reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF), and multimedia filtration (MMF) systems, announces the addition of RoCide™ MD100 to their lineup of slime control agents and biocides available in the United States. 

RoCide MD100 is a liquid, non-foaming, bioslime control agent based on stabilized chloramine and bromine that is compatible with polyamide membranes. The product inhibits the formation of biofilm caused by bacteria and fungus as well as removes existing biofilm already on the membrane. It penetrates existing biofilm layers deeper than traditional biocides and typical chloramine-based chemistries on the market. The slime control agent allows for online removal of biofilm, eliminating the need for shutdown time required for cleaning. RoCide MD100 also does not contribute to total organic carbon (TOC) like many of the organic-based biocides, such as DBNPA and isothiazolonine. Additionally, it can be used before pretreatment to eliminate the need for chlorine and bisulfite because it does not need to be removed before the membranes.  

Avista is committed to creating shared value with our solutions through positive environmental impact. By controlling biofilm with RoCide MD100, customers can significantly reduce operating costs, emissions, and waste in their operating plants. They can save on indirect energy through reducing pumping costs and Clean in Place (CIP) heating, as well as through cleaning water, backwash water, chemicals, and consumables. MD100 also aids in reducing costs and energy consumption because it’s more effective at lower doses. 


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Avista® Technologies Inc., established in 1999 to develop and distribute membrane chemicals and provide global expert process support for reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF). As a global brand of Kurita, Avista helps customers worldwide to achieve their unique water treatment goals.   

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