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BWRO Plant – Cleaning Study

Case Studies
April 4, 2021

A brackish water reverse osmosis plant (BWRO) in East Spain suffered a significant loss of performance, with permeate flow rate dropping 40% with a consequent drop in recovery from 65% to 45%.

After unsuccessful cleaning attempts, Avista was approached to help the client remediate the system and to find a stable operating regime. This case study outlines how Avista was able to assist and provide data on the resulting successful cleaning and operating regime.

Prior to Avista becoming involved, generic chemicals and products from another specialist company had been applied without success.

Avista proposed off-site cleaning trials to determine the most effective cleaning regime.

The brackish water RO plant was designed to produce water for irrigation fed by a new borehole high in salinity. The process train included a sand
filter for pre-treatment and operated for a few weeks on an intermittent basis during the period the fouling occurred.

Membranes were sent to Avista™ laboratory in the UK for cleaning evaluation. A wide range of cleaning trials were completed with the goal of bringing back the flow and quality to design levels. This was acheived by cleaning with RoClean™ P606 and RoClean™ L403.

Case Study
BWRO Plant - Cleaning Study