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October 12, 2022

Avista as a Global Brand of Kurita: Our Combined Value

On May 16th, 2019, Avista Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Kurita Water Industries, a leading water treatment solutions provider. A lot has happened since we began our new chapter as a global brand of Kurita. Avista has evolved to meet the growing demands and requirements for quality water in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We’re creating innovative solutions to solve our customers’ most complex challenges with greater global awareness. This global understanding is a result of the Avista Center of Excellence (CoE), where we unite Kurita companies worldwide in our efforts to innovate, educate, and impact membrane system challenges faced by plant engineers and operators.

This acquisition has created a channel for both Kurita and Avista to innovate on a global scale to lead the membrane chemicals market. What started as a business relationship has blossomed into a powerful and extremely rewarding connection; anyone involved can feel it. “This relationship feels very comfortable and older than it is, because of how natural it is. They [Kurita] really make us feel like a part of the family through their optimism. It’s something that none of us expected, but we now know how good it can be,” explained Doug Eisberg, Avista Business Development Director.

On a cultural level, we share a passion for solving customer challenges with creative chemistry and smart solutions. “Now that Avista is working with Kurita R&D groups, we develop new products with a greater understanding of what is needed globally. We work closely with R&D groups in Japan and Europe to develop global and regional product lines that provide a complete product portfolio for our customers. Also, having access to a global supply team helps in difficult times such as these where raw materials are impacting everyone,” expressed Sara Pietsch, Avista Research and Development Director.

Often, when companies are acquired, they tend to lose their identity, but this acquisition is different. We continue to build the Avista brand across the Kurita companies, our partners, and customers through trust, transparency, and reliability. Avista CEO, Dave Walker explains, “I am even more enthusiastic and optimistic for our future than the day Avista was acquired. Kurita has provided us with the resources, confidence, and collaboration to meet our goals for tomorrow and far into the future. As I reflect on the day Avista was acquired, I must admit that I had guarded optimism for our future within Kurita. Now, I am energized by the great collaboration and success we have between all the team members.”

The value of coming together with Kurita lies in blending our solutions, our combined knowledge, and the strength of our brands. It was important that all staff involved in bringing our worlds together felt welcomed and valued. Leaders evolved through this process within Kurita and Avista who helped build cross-functional teams that are integral to our success. As a global group, we share the belief that putting people first, both customers and employees alike, is the key to building a synergistic culture. “The road is not always easy; it requires being mindful of the greater cause and an openness to learn from each other. It has been incredible to see the creative ideas and solutions developed by our collective group. I have a favorite quote used in promoting a charity concert we hosted to bring our industry together to support the nonprofit Water For People – “together we are better,” expressed Melissa Kaysen, Avista Marketing Director.

Leveraging our synergy between Kurita and Avista, we are creating a truly unique global platform that will continue to lead the membrane chemical industry. We hope to set a new example for a successful acquisition and what good collaboration and leadership are capable of.

Melissa Kaysen Vice President of Business Planning & Strategy

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