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RoCide MD100

RoCide™ MD100 is a unique, liquid slime control agent. Based on stabilized halogen, it is highly effective in preventing biofilm by “inactivating” microorganism’s respiratory functions. This product also deeply penetrates existing biofilm to slowly remove it from the reverse osmosis system eliminating the need for system shutdown required for off-line cleaning. This product is safe to use with polyamide membranes and can also be used upstream of other existing pretreatment to eliminate the need for chlorine/chloramine.

This product is not suitable for polypiperzine composite nanofiltration membranes.

Performance Benefits

  • Inhibits the formation of biofilm caused by bacteria and fungus.
  • Effective at low doses.
  • Excellent biofilm dispersing effect.
  • Deeply penetrates existing biofilm layers and slowly removes it from the membrane system.


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Product Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

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