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AntiChlor 30

AntiChlor 30 liquid is a dechlorinating agent used as a mild, non-oxidizing biostat or injected into reverse osmosis (RO) feedwaters to protect polyamide membranes from permanent damage caused by chlorine. AntiChlor 30 is a 30% (minimum) solution of sodium bisulfite. It is a food-grade reducing agent and is certified by NSF International for use in systems producing drinking water. Antichlor 30 can also be used to preserve polyamide membranes for long-term storage.

Performance Benefits

  • A powerful dechlorinating agent to help protect polyamide membranes from permanent damage.
  • Compatible with polyamide and cellulose acetate membranes.
  • Can be used to preserve membranes in storage or as an on-line biostat for membrane systems.
  • A 30% sodium bisulfite (NaHSO3) solution containing 20% active sulfur dioxide (SO2).
  • Extremely economical when compared to other methods of chlorine removal.
Product Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

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