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For the last 24 years, the Colorado River has remained in a megadrought, affecting water storage in its reservoirs, hydroelectric power production, and water accessibility for surrounding communities. 

Last year’s rainfall provided steady water supply with ample soil moisture conditions and carryover storage for most reservoirs in the region. However, despite the return of El Niño this year, significant warming in the region may combat its benefits.  

Early water supply forecasts for the Upper Basin and inflows to Lake Powell and Lake Mead show that it’s unlikely reservoir levels will increase, or even remain stable this year.  

Forecasts for the spring and summer show a substantial decrease of 3 million acre-feet in inflow volume due to dry conditions, with Lake Powell’s unregulated inflow forecast at 75% of average for the season and 79% for the entire water year. Lake Mead is expected to continue experiencing Level 1 shortages this year, with Hoover Dam releases limited to meet reduced downstream demands.  

As the ongoing drought continues to affect these primary water sources, we’re facing the growing reality that water supplies for agriculture, fisheries, ecosystems, industry and cities are no longer stable.  

IMPACT TOGETHER: The Colorado River Basin Project is a water sustainability initiative we are participating in for a third year through our parent company Kurita Water Industries and the Water Resilience Coalition. This initiative aligns with our goal to help increase water resilience and help our customers deliver a positive water impact on their sustainability targets. 


Kurita Water Industries has donated $40,000 to the Colorado River Basin. This year, they hope to donate $30,000 more!


Driving Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

Vitec products reduce the impact of membrane treatment on the environment, helping you meet your sustainability goals by reducing water, energy, and waste

Sustainable Solutions with Vitec™ Antiscalant

For every thousand pounds of  Vitec™ 3000, 4000, and 7000 supplied by Avista Technologies, Inc in the Colorado River Basin states*, Kurita Water Industries will donate based on the estimated water savings, to a water conservation project supported by the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC).**



*Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
** The WRC is an initiative under the CEO Water Mandate and UN Global Compact.