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Vitec 4000

Vitec 4000 is a liquid antiscalant and dispersant that offers excellent silica scale inhibition and allows increased system recoveries in high silica feedwaters. Vitec 4000 prevents silica scale up to 2.8 times saturation, without the addition of acid. It also is effective in preventing clay formation (aluminum silicates) in the second stage of systems as well as calcium phosphate. Vitec 4000 is also effective in water containing high metals such as iron, aluminum, and manganese. Vitec 4000 is highly successful in many different industries and applications including, but not limited to, mining, well water, high recovery systems, wastewater, and in regions with high volcanic silica. Vitec 4000 is NSF approved and UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approved.

Performance Benefits

  • Powerful against these and other types of scale:
    Aluminum silicate
    Calcium carbonate
    Calcium phosphate
  • Effective antiscalant to inhibit silica scale, aluminum silicate scaling, and calcium phosphate.
  • Effective on waters containing high metals such as iron, aluminum, or manganese.
  • Compatible with polyamide membranes from all major manufacturers.
  • Highly effective in a wide variety of feedwaters and pH ranges.


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Product Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

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