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RoCide MD 100 penetrates and disrupts the biofilm layer caused by fungus and bacteria in RO systems, unlike traditional biocides such as chlorine, DBNPA, and Isothiazolinone.

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively penetrates the biofilm layer to break it up internally for removal, while traditional biocides only reach the surface
  • Removes biofilm during operation, eliminating the need for system shutdown
  • Can be used as a replacement for chlorine and bisulfite
  • Does not contribute to total organic carbon (TOC) in the plant effluent
  • Membrane compatible with all standard polyamide membranes
  • EPA registered in the United States
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Trust Avista’s Field-Proven Application Experience:

  • Apply RoCide MD100 and lower system operating pressures without the need to clean
  • Eliminate bisulfite and chlorine application for good
  • Unlike in other applications, it can prevent membrane damage caused by metals
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