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Avista™ Advisor™Ci is our proprietary chemical dosing software equipped with complex ion technology, engineered to achieve maximum system recovery efficacy in the most intricate of industrial applications.

Scale Prediction Without Limitations

The Avista™ Advisor™Ci 3D Multivariable Model

You can now simultaneously analyze multiple variables; recovery, temperature, and pH level. This advancement allows you to see up to 1,000 calculations or scenarios at once, enhancing efficiency and analytical capabilities.

End Guessing Games

Streamline Your Chemical Dosing With Certainty

3D Multivariable Model
Runs many complex calculations at once to analyze multiple recoveries, temperatures, and pH simultaneously.
Recovery RO Mode
Simulates a primary and recovery RO system on the same screen, with the ability to adjust recovery, product, and pH separately for each stage.
Multistream Mixing
Combines up to 12 feed streams into one to run through the main RO module.
Advanced Calculation Engine
Accurately predicts the activity of all common scale-forming compounds.
High-Recovery Application
Applies precise calculations to reduce the saturation potential of sparingly soluble salts.
Cleaner Module
Recommends the appropriate product based on system foulants and calculates the amount of chemicals needed based on actual system cleaning procedures.
(Training is required to use this module.)


Chemical Dosing Software for Every User

Our chemical dosing software, powered by machine learning, is now more powerful than ever. We’ve added new features to maximize the user experience for beginners and pros alike.

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“The webinar was very good for understanding the impact of contaminants in water and how Avista technology can neutralize their effects and improve RO efficiency.” – Happy User


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