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September 1, 2022

Avista Technologies Pledges to Support the Colorado River Basin

Avista Technologies, Inc, a global brand of Kurita focused on membrane treatment solutions, announces its campaign in partnership with the Water Resistance Coalition (WRC) to help preserve the Colorado River Basin, CO USA. For every thousand gallons of Vitec 3000, 4000, and 7000 supplied by Avista Technologies, Inc in the Colorado River Basin states, Kurita Water Industries will donate based on the estimated water saved by using the product to a water conservation project supported by the WRC. This effort will help tackle climate change, protect land and water, provide food and water sustainability, and build healthy cities around the Colorado River Basin.   

Avista’s parent company, Kurita Water Industries, has worked on solving issues related to water scarcity for over 70 years in support of its corporate philosophy. The WRC initiative aligns with Avista and Kurita’s mutual corporate responsibility goal to create a water-resilient world achieved by helping water basins consistently supply high-quality and fresh water needed for communities, businesses, and the entire ecosystem. The Colorado River Basin has reached critically low levels amid decades of drought and warming temperatures. Water supplies for agriculture, fisheries, ecosystems, industry, and cities are no longer stable. This is why we chose the Colorado River Basin project as our first priority.   

“This campaign educates companies on the current drought conditions and sustainable water treatment to achieve water savings in their daily operations. Our evaluation of system design and operations combined with proper Vitec antiscalant selection can achieve optimal system recovery in order to maximize water savings,” Dave Walker, CEO and President, Avista Technologies, Inc. 

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