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Kuriverter IK-110

Kuriverter IK-110 is a liquid combination product based on stabilized chlorine compounds which will not deteriorate polyamide membranes. Developed specifically for membrane systems, Kuriverter IK-110 is a highly effective slime control agent showing excellent biofilm removal in reverse osmosis systems. In membrane systems, microbiological growth leads to biofilm forming on the membrane surfaces, which may cause a blocking of the membrane modules. Kuriverter IK-110 has dosage effect on bacteria, algae and fungi growth due to its dispersive effect. Kuriverter IK-110 is effective in slime removal and its dispersing effect. Kuriverter IK-110 is NSF approved in many countries and EPA registered in all U.S. states.

Performance Benefits

  • Reduces differential pressure across the membrane.
  • Reduces pumping energy requirement.
  • Restores and maintains permeate flow.
  • Reduces CIP cleaning frequency.
  • Reduces total cost of operation.
Product Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

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