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WTF: What’s The Foulant?


  1. Identify the Foulant (numbers) from the CEI image with the corresponding Letter.

  2. Complete all required information

  3. Submit the completed Contest Form

  4. If you are a winner, show this message to one of our booth representatives and win an awesome prize!
  5. All six questions must be answered correctly to be eligible for the raffle of the grand prize (Apple AirPods).

  6. Judgment of the rules are at the sole discretion of Avista Technologies, Inc.

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Rules of the Contest

  1. To be eligible, each completed WTF: What’s The Foulant? content entry must include name, company, email address, and telephone number.

  2. Limited to one entry per person.

  3. Completed Identify the WTF: What’s The Foulant? contest forms must be submitted to the Avista Answer Box or in person with the winning message at the Avista Booth.

  4. Each person who completes and submits an Identify the WTF: What’s The Foulant? contest entry will receive an Avista tumbler and a $5.00 Starbucks gift card (up to the first 50 entries or while supplies last).

  5. You do not have to be present to win.