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May 13, 2019

Avista Technologies, Inc. and Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd. join Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Avista Technologies, Inc., together with its affiliate, Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd., (“Avista”) announced today that it is being acquired by Kurita Water Industries, Ltd. (“Kurita”), a leading supplier of water treatment solutions headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Avista is a formulator and global supplier of reverse osmosis (RO) specialty chemicals and it provides technical support for membrane‐based water treatment systems.

Kurita has been actively expanding its activities globally by establishing strategic platforms in four key regions of the world – Japan, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The acquisition of Avista, with its best‐in-class chemistries, technical capabilities and customer base, is another step in that initiative.

Avista will guide the expansion of Kurita’s RO chemicals lineup to offer a wider range of products to customers. Kurita plans to strengthen their technical services offering related to RO membranes through the technologies and know‐how resident within Avista.

Dave Walker, Avista President and CEO noted, “the substantial resources available under Kurita’s umbrella will allow Avista to more effectively reach its global potential and will provide the critical infrastructure needed to accelerate growth. The acquisition will specifically enhance the regional availability of Avista products around the world and provide increased resources to expedite aggressive R&D efforts to formulate new products, identify new lab analysis techniques, and expand overall offerings. Our joining with Kurita truly lines up well with the goals of our organization and it creates exciting opportunities for our employees all while allowing us to be the best possible supplier to our valued customers”.

Avista will maintain its globally recognized name as a Kurita company. Dave Walker will continue to lead the organization as CEO and President. Mike Jefferies will continue to lead Avista UK’s operations, and the entire Avista team will continue to serve its highly valued customers.

About Avista Technologies, a Kurita Company

Established 20 years ago, Avista is a trusted expert in membrane system chemistry and global process support, including reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF). Avista aims to enhance the life, performance, reliability and recovery rate of membrane systems.