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Avista Introduces RoClean P192, A New Fast-Acting Cleaner For Stubborn Foulants

San Marcos, CA – August 15, 2022 —Avista, a Global Brand of Kurita, focused on membrane treatment solutions for reverse osmosis (RO) systems, microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF), and multimedia filtration (MMF) announces the addition of Avista™ RoClean™ P192 to their market-leading membrane treatment solutions platform.

Avista™ RoClean™ P192 is a high pH, low foaming, multi-component, powder cleaner formulated to specifically remove stubborn biological fouling, polysaccharides, aluminum silicate clays, silica scale, silica-organic complexes, and inert particles like colloidal sulfur, and carbon fines. This cleaner is highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process and is compatible with polyamide membranes from all major manufacturers. RoClean™ P192 when applied to RO systems can disperse silica compounds (i.e., silica scale) from the membrane surface and reduce high differential pressure and/or low flow caused by severe organic foulants. RoClean P192 is NSF approved and suitable for use with other Avista cleaners.

We are thrilled to be delivering another superior solution that can benefit our customers by expanding membrane life, lowering feed pressure, and extending the time between cleans.” KenRobinson, North America Application & Sales Manager, Avista.

This product is very unique in its ability to remove stubborn foulant better and faster than other cleaners. The product was initially designed to remove stubborn polysaccharides from hazardous algae blooms (HAB). As we developed the product, we found it also has the ability to remove foulants other cleaners were unable to remove, such as inert particles like colloidal sulfur and carbon fines. It is also very good at removing silica scale and clay (aluminum silicates). It is truly a multi-foulant remover. Sara Pietsch, VP of Research and Development, Avista

Avista™ RoClean™ cleaners provide efficient and cost-effective removal of many different foulants and scales. All products are low foaming and membrane compatible. These products come in a variety of pHs, and the line contains a liquid and powder product for most foulants and scales. RoClean cleaners are highly buffered and contain a unique blend of ingredients that wet and break up foulant, suspend the foulant in solution, and disperse the foulant to prevent redeposition. All formulations are NSF approved and/or EN12124 compliant for drinking water treatment chemicals for specific products.

About Avista Technologies, Inc.   

Avista® Technologies Inc. was established in 1999 to develop and distribute membrane chemicals and provide global expert process support for reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF). As a global brand of Kurita, Avista helps customers worldwide to achieve their unique water treatment goals.  

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