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Avista Membrane Treatment Solutions

Colorado River Basin Project

The Colorado river system has reached critically low levels amid decades of drought and warming temperatures.

We are facing the growing reality that water supplies for agriculture, fisheries, ecosystems, industry and cities are no longer stable.
Together, we will make an IMPACT! 

Help save water with Vitec

For every thousand gallons of Vitec 3000, 4000, and 7000 supplied by Avista Technologies, Inc in the Colorado River Basin states*, Kurita Water Industries will donate based on the estimated water savings, to a water conservation project supported by the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC)**.

This donation helps tackle climate change, protect land and water, provide food and water sustainability, and build healthy cities around the Colorado River Basin.

Learn how you can make an impact.
*Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
**The WRC is an initiative under the CEO Water Mandate and UN Global Compact.
Regional and Local Water Conservation

Webinar: Impact Together- The Colorado River Basin Project

CEO and President Dave Walker shared our vision for building a water-resilient world by understanding our customer and society's shared issues and goals around water savings, energy savings, and waste reduction creating shared value with businesses and communities.

In this webinar, you'll learn how we helped one of our customers achieve their sustainability goals by:

  • Increasing their recovery rate from 75% to 85%, ultimately saving on energy consumption and costs by an average of 13.9%
  • Lowering their membrane replacement rate by 63.3%
  • Reducing water usage, energy consumption, and landfill waste (ultimately reducing their Co2 footprint)
Our evaluation of system design and operations combined with proper Vitec antiscalant selection can achieve optimal system recovery - maximizing water production and water savings.

If you are new to Avista Membrane Treatment Solutions, schedule a site evaluation to see how we can help you save water today!


Why Kurita Group Supports the WRC 

Kurita Group has been working on solving issues related to water resources for over 70 years to support our corporate philosophy. The WRC initiative aligns with our own goal, to help make a water resilient world together with global leading companies and organizations.

Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony.

Un Global Compact Organization


Global Water Resilience

Building a water resilient world for our communities, our ecosystems, our companies, and the global economy.


Net Positive Water Impact
Water Resilient Value Chain
Global Leadership

2030 Goals

Positive water impact in 100 water stressed basins that support 3 billion people
Equitable and resilient WASH access to 300 million people
150 member companies who account for 1/3 of global water use