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Removing Silica Scale

Performance was then stable, and no further decline in permeate production was seen.


A plant on Tenerife in the Canary Islands was suffering from fouling. A raw water analysis was taken and found to have high levels of silica present that had not been considered when designing the plant. It was concluded that the cause of the loss in performance was due to silica scaling.

The system design consisted of 3 pressure vessels, each containing 5 Hydranautics CPA-3 low-pressure membranes. The initial flow was 100 m3/day, but due to fouling this had reduced to 81 m3/day. The initial permeate quality was 225 uS/cm, and this had increased to 270 uS/cm.

Download our full case study to find out how changing to a NSF certified antiscalant designed to inhibit silica, carbonate, and sulfate scales stabilized performance and permeate production.

Case Study
Removing Silica Scale
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