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November 18, 2020

Municipal RO Plant Recovery

The municipal reverse osmosis (RO) plant had been in operation for almost 18 years, producing ~290 gpm of permeate water for a city in Iowa, USA. It was one of the fi rst RO plants in the state and the upper Midwest. In May 2008, city operators complained about a loss in system production. In response, the City contracted an RO membrane service provider to perform a cleaning regimen that produced less than satisfactory results. The City then contacted Avista™ who sent an application manager to the site.


The Clean
The Avista application expert evaluated the equipment and performance data and provided on-site support for the first clean to ensure the recommended procedure was followed. RoClean P303 and P111 powder cleaners were selected for the job, and the effectiveness of the combination was immediately apparent. The color and turbidity of the spent cleaning solution confirmed that the chemicals were removing foulant left over from prior cleans. The operators were pleased to see the membrane flux and rejection restored after the clean.

Case Study
Municipal RO Plant Recovery