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Avista 360º A Whole System Approach to Membrane Troubleshooting

Do you know if your membrane system is truly optimized?

Discover the steps you can take to streamline your system, achieve stable performance, and increase membrane life.

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Avista Innovation Talks - Avista 360º A Whole System Approach to Membrane Troubleshooting

Talk summary

Are you struggling to achieve stable membrane system performance? The solution isn’t always simple.

It is a mistake to focus on the membrane system alone. Sometimes a solution goes beyond the selection of the correct chemical/dose and we must approach troubleshooting from a 360° total system view.

In this Innovation Talk, you’ll learn how to:

Impact Statements

Avista Center of Excellence Keynote Speaker

Megan Lee

Global Laboratory Services Process Manager

After completing her degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, Megan joined Avista Technologies as the Laboratory Services Manager, coordinating laboratory testing and interpreting findings to help solve RO, NF, and MF/UF performance issues and identifying ways to prevent future declines. As the Global Laboratory Services Process Manager, Megan manages Avista laboratory services in 13 countries providing technical support for customers using Avista products and services worldwide.

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