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Vitec 8300

Vitec 8300 liquid antiscalant and dispersant is biodegradable, phosphate free, and compatible with all membrane types. Vitec 8300 is suitable for use in applications that are very environmentally sensitive. It has been formulated for sites where direct sea discharge is required and can be applied to industrial and potable systems. Vitec 8300 is highly effective in a wide variety of feedwaters and pH ranges.

Performance Benefits

  • Powerful against these and other types of scale:
    Calcium carbonate
    Calcium sulfate
    Barium sulfate
    Strontium sulfate
    Calcium fluoride
  • Formulated with a crystal modification property that distorts inorganic salt crystal growth to reduce system fouling.
  • Phosphate free and suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Conforms to British Standards (BS) EN 15039:2006 and is approved for offshore use and discharge by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas).
  • Compatible with membranes from all major manufacturers.
Product Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

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