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October 6, 2020

One Year Integration Milestone

San Marcos, CA – October 5, 2020 — The demand for membrane chemicals is growing, and the global chemicals market is projected with a growth rate of an estimated 8% annually. Recognizing this market opportunity, Kurita Water Industries, Ltd., a leading water treatment integrated solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan strategically acquired Avista Technologies. Avista Technologies held substantial market share in the membrane chemicals market by providing high performance chemicals, laboratory services and technical support through a global distribution network.

The fifteen of May marks the culmination of a year-long transformation and integration of Avista Technologies into the Kurita membrane treatment solutions platform. The acquisition of Avista Technologies makes Kurita’s membrane chemical market share among the largest in the world.

“I am so excited to see the progress Avista Technologies, Inc. has made since joining the Kurita Group to drive significant business expansion in the membrane chemicals and service market. Through its brand power, technical know-how, and global distribution, Avista has cultivated a strong presence as the membrane chemical expert,” stated Mr. Yasuo Suzuki, Executive General Manager of Global Business Division and Chief Officer for Global Operation. “Mr. Dave Walker, CEO of Avista Technologies, Inc, led the effort to synergize Avista and Kurita’s products, technologies, and services – the Kurita Group can now increase technical added value and competitiveness by better aligning with customers’ needs and values (raising customer intimacy).”

The integration effort to combine more than 200 membrane chemicals, a variety of autopsy test methods, and troubleshooting tools resulted in a global product and service offering under the trusted Avista brand. Dave Walker led the vision for this and the “Avista Center of Excellence (CoE),” established by Kurita to drive a consistent customer experience and to truly make an impact on the challenges faced daily by plant operators and managers. The Avista CoE is now focused on research and development investment to drive more innovative and cost-effective membrane application solutions.

“The acquisition of Avista’s already successful global business model, combined with a synergistic technical approach and Kurita’s extensive seventy-year history, infrastructure, and resources – makes this a game changing move for Kurita. The Avista brand will continue to drive focused customer value in a saturated market,” explains Dave Walker, CEO of Avista Technologies. “Over the past year, we have worked collectively with some the industry’s most talented membrane application experts at Kurita to build a market leading platform. We will focus on solving issues like access to clean water, challenging feedwaters, membrane life expectancy, water and energy conservation, operational costs, and system downtime. A global Avista membrane treatment solution to be rolled out globally over the next six months.”

About Avista, a global brand of Kurita
Avista® is a global brand of Kurita focused on membrane treatment solutions for reverse osmosis (RO) systems, microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF). A global line of Avista® membrane chemicals manufactured by Kurita blending facilities worldwide includes Vitec® antiscalants, RoClean® membrane cleaners, Kuriverter® IK biocides, Kuriverter® AC chlorine scavengers, and RoQuest® coagulants. Regionally available Avista lines include AvistaClean® MF cleaners, RoCide® biocides, and AntiChlor chlorine scavengers, among others. All Avista membrane chemicals are membrane compatibility tested and fully supported by Avista services and programs including, Avista® Advisor™CI, Avista® Black Box, Avista® Membrane Autopsy, Avista® OSCAR, and the Avista® Center of Excellence (CoE).

About Kurita Water Industries
Established in 1949, Kurita Water Industries (Kurita) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of water treatment solutions, including equipment, technologies, chemistries, and engineering services. Kurita’s strategic focus is to expand its business globally by establishing bases in four regions of the world – Japan, Asia, Europe and the Americas, including South America.